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Our mission is to advance the health and wellbeing of people who use psychoactive drugs. The main way we do this is through hosting, managing and maintaining supportive digital communities.

What drives us?

In Australia, unintentional drug-related deaths are in the top three causes of death for adults aged 20 to 49. In 2021, there were 1675 unintentional drug-induced deaths reported in Australia.

Source: Penington

Through informing, supporting and connecting, Bluelight Communities can help reduce this death toll. While we are based in Australia, our Bluelight Communities will be available to all persons, regardless of country of residence.

We do not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, disability or neurodiversity. We welcome diversity across these and any other attributes in our communities and our organisation.

Bluelight Communities are inclusive

We welcome you, whatever drugs you use, whether your use is current or past, wherever you are on your journey with drugs.

Bluelight Communities are non-profit

All funds raised through our activities pay for our expenses and are invested back into serving our mission.

Who we are and who we are not

We are focused on reducing stigma in all its forms

We are a registered charity under the category 'Advancing health'.

We are not medical doctors and no information within our communities should be considered medical advice. We do not endorse illegal activities.

Our Goals

Improving health and wellbeing

Our digital platforms and channels are focused on our mission - to advance the health and wellbeing of people who use psychoactive drugs, through informing, supporting and connecting.

No judgement

Our peer-to-peer platforms allow people who use drugs to communicate freely without judgement. We are inclusive and accepting, acknowledging that everyone's experiences are different.

Research partnerships

Bluelight Communities partners with research organisations to do better for our community. Our research partnerships are pivotal to reducing harms by connecting people who use drugs and their experiences with research efforts.

Donations / Newsletter

We are not quite ready to take donations, but please sign up to our newsletter to find out when we are ready.


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